Executive Director Selected

The Board of Directors for the Clearwater Economic Development Association (CEDA) has selected Dodd Snodgrass for the position of Executive Director.

On October 1 he is replacing Christine Frei who will be retiring on December 31 after leading the organization for fifteen years. A Lewiston native, Snodgrass has a twenty-seven year background in community and economic development. He worked as the economic planner for CEDA from 1994 to 2001, spent sixteen years at the Port of Bellingham, WA in economic development and returned to CEDA in 2018 as the development manager. CEDA Board President Steve Greenfield said, “After an extensive search, the CEDA leadership confidently transitions the organization’s leadership to Dodd and look forward to the positive regional economic development impacts under his vision.”

CEDA is a nonprofit planning and development organization serving north central Idaho. Its mission is to assist communities and businesses as a conduit to needed resources through Regional Economic and Workforce Planning, Community Development Services, and Business Development and Financing programs.

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