Idaho WDC Awards CEDA Funds to Address Workforce Issues

CEDA has accepted a subaward from the Idaho Workforce Development Council (WDC) to implement a Talent Pipeline Management (TPM) framework to establish employer collaboratives in north central Idaho to assist regional industries identify in-demand positions along with requisite skills, competencies, and credentials. CEDA will work with employers and education and training suppliers to modify existing and/or new curriculum to meet the needs of the collaborative of employers.

A Healthcare Cohort comprised of hospitals from north central Idaho and southeast Washington began meeting in late March of this year. Members of the cohort completed a confidential survey to identify future staffing needs, necessary skills and education required, number of positions needed currently, next year, in three years - five years, and preferred education/talent suppliers. Education and training representatives have joined the Cohort and are now working collectively to address short-term solutions and address collaborative long-term solutions. The Healthcare Cohort has seated two working groups that are respectively concentrating on credentialing and certification processes and development of a regional public-private healthcare partnership. The Cohort will meet again in November. CEDA began the same process with area manufacturers in September and will continue seeking industry member that would like to participate.

Contact Deb if you are interested in learning more about the TPM process and outcomes.

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