CEDA promotes education by gathering and disseminating pertinent information to local governments, community members and strategic partners. Key to supporting infrastructure improvements is building local capacity, such as educating local officials on policy issues affecting their communities. CEDA builds the institutional capacity of local community leaders and city staff, organizing and sponsoring events such as workshops and seminars on topics relevant to local governance.

CEDA offers planning, developing, and administration of public works and community facility projects across the predominantly rural region. Projects in these categories include water and wastewater systems, community and senior centers, nonprofit hospitals, and parks, improving the health, wellness, and lifestyle of community residents.

Funding for CEDA’s community education and development activities is provided by contracts for services with governmental units, public grants, and industrycontributions. The ability to access foundation and private contribution sources for exempt purposes in education is an increasing need.  At times, these activities are project‐specific, dependent on securing grants and match to implement the work.

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