Manufacturing Technology - "Work Smarter, Not Harder

An interactive workshop on workforce retention strategies for north central Idaho and southeast Washington manufacturers.

Employers are facing a workforce gap based on the age demographic of our labor pool. They need to find ways to retain and leverage their current workforce while maintaining quality and meeting production demands. This workshop will bring together regional industry, education, and resource agencies to learn from businesses currently using integrated automation, as well as connect with vendors that can provide live demos of how collaborative automation technologies work. The focus points for the workshop will be:

The challenge of meeting demand with your existing workforce
The importance of a workforce retention strategy
Technology can enhance existing workforce skills, opening the door to increased production and earning potential through skill upgrade.
Technology accessibility for small to mid-size businesses (you don’t have to be big to integrate automation technology)
Regional education is building a local talent pipeline through partnerships with industry (regional high school and college programs)
Rapid Design Solutions and other vendors are providing live demonstrations!

Sponsored by Northwest Intermountain Manufacturers Assoc. (NIMA), Clearwater Economic Development Assoc. (CEDA), and USDA-Rural Development

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