Welcome Our New Staff!

We are excited to have these fine folks recently join our CEDA team:

Kaleena Moulton, Economic and Community Development Assistant.  Kaleena is supporting our planning and coordination initiatives.  She has a background in accounting and entrepreneurship.  She loves all animals (except snakes) and loves spending time with her family.  She is very excited for the opportunity to be part of CEDA and is looking forward to the projects she will be working on.

Sam Mager, Business Finance Specialist.  Sam’s job is to connect small businesses to financing in order to start, expand, or retain their business.  His background consists of business management alongside a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.  Sam understands the complexity of business operations and has the desire to help you make the wisest choice possible.  He is happy to serve, answer any questions, and assist in obtaining entrepreneurial dreams.

Mariah Miller, Community Development Specialist.  Mariah’s responsibilities include grant administration and project development for our communities.  She is married to Phil and is a proud mother to daughter Harper.  Mariah finds balance in life through her love for the gym, outdoor recreation, and the joy of cooking.

If you are a business or community needing assistance they are here to help, along with John, Deb, Amber, and Dodd

Pictured left to right:  Kaleena Moulton, Sam Mager, and Mariah Miller

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